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Teacher Mortgage

If you are a teacher and need help getting the best mortgage deal, we can help you to get a specific mortgage for teachers. We are specialists in finding the best teacher mortgage, whether you are an experienced or newly qualified teacher.

Our mortgage brokers at Harmony Financial Services can get you the best mortgages for teachers in the UK. We understand that lending criteria can be just as diverse and demanding of the teaching profession, so we have a flexible approach to how we work with you.

Do Teachers Get Better Mortgage Rates?

Yes. Teachers are often preferred by lenders, so if you shop around with an experienced mortgage advisor you will find that you can get a better mortgage and lending rate than high street banks.

Some lenders will give teachers mortgages with lower deposits, lower rates, or longer loan terms. But to take advantage of these deals, you often need to use a mortgage broker who liaises with the lender. Some lenders of teacher mortgages will not deal with customers directly.

Benefits Of A Teacher Mortgage

  • Low-interest rates
  • Lower deposits
  • Longer terms
  • Pre-contract mortgages

Our Mortgages For Teachers

Harmony Financial Services are not lenders. We are mortgage brokers that can help you to find and set up the best mortgage for you as a teacher.

  • Jargon-free advice
  • Easily contactable
  • Access to specialist lenders
  • Work to your requirements

Mortgages for Newly Qualified Teachers

Just because you’re newly qualified doesn’t mean you can’t get on the property ladder. We have access to the whole of the market and specialist lenders who offer exclusive deals to newly qualified teachers, or those who have just moved into a new job.

Mortgages for Teachers with Bad Credit History

Don’t let your previous mistakes with bad credit stop you from buying a home. As a teacher, you’re seen in a favourable light to lenders. Many mortgage lenders are flexible with poor credit, so we can still find you a great deal. Find out more about poor credit mortgages.

Can I Get a Teacher Mortgage Even if I’m Not a Teacher?

If your partner or joint applicant is a teacher, you can still qualify for a teacher mortgage. We look at each individual situation and take into account all of your income.

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