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Mortgages For Doctors

If you are a doctor and need help getting the best mortgage deal, we can help you to get a specific mortgage for doctors. We are specialists in finding the best doctor’s mortgage, whether you are an NHS doctor, locum doctor, junior doctor, or ltd company director.

Our mortgage brokers at Harmony Financial Services can get you the best mortgages for doctors in the UK. We understand how hard our doctors work in the UK so we do our best to find exclusive rates and mortgage deals.

Do Doctors Get Better Mortgage Rates UK?

Yes. Some lenders have mortgages designed especially for doctors. Statistically, doctors have a lower lending risk so even though doctor’s contracts may not be permanent or standard, they can still offer competitive mortgage rates.

Getting access to these lenders with specific doctor’s mortgages can be difficult without an experienced mortgage broker, however. That’s because some mortgage lenders will not deal with customers directly.

Is It Difficult To Get A Mortgage As A Doctor?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a mortgage as a doctor. Especially as a junior or locum doctor. This is because a doctor’s income may not be a fixed salary and therefore not meet the minimum requirements of a standard mortgage.

That’s why you may need to find a lender who offers a specific mortgage for doctors. These lenders don’t typically deal directly with customers and so using a mortgage broker like Harmony Financial Services can help to give you access to the best mortgage deals for doctors.

Benefits Of A Doctor’s Mortgage

Getting a specific mortgage for doctors could help you to get:

  • Low-interest rates
  • Lower deposits
  • Longer terms
  • Pre-contract mortgages

Our Mortgages For Doctors

At Harmony Financial Services we have access to a wide range of specialist lenders. We can find mortgages for:

  • Newly-qualified doctors
  • Junior doctors
  • Locum doctors
  • Doctors with their own practice
  • Surgeons

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