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Police Mortgages

As a police officer, you already have your fair share of challenges. Getting a mortgage should not be one of them. That’s why, at Harmony Financial Services, are specialists in providing police mortgages for serving UK officers.

We have access to specialist lenders who will offer competitive mortgages for police officers. So we can help to find you the best mortgage for you.

Do Police Officers Get Help With Mortgages UK?

No. If you apply for a mortgage with a high street bank, you will not get any special considerations. You will still need to have qualified as a police officer and have passed your 2 year probation. After this time, you will likely be in favour of lenders as a police officer is a good career with opportunities for progression. However, until you are qualified and have passed your probation, you might struggle to get a mortgage at all.

Can I Get A Mortgage Before I Pass Probation?

Yes, you can! You probably won’t get a mortgage from a high street bank before you pass probation, but you should still be able to get a mortgage using a specialist lender. Specialist lenders can take extra things into consideration, including overtime and personal circumstances.

Benefits Of Police Mortgages

Specialist lenders for police mortgage could give you access to:

  • One-off discounts
  • Unique deals
  • Lower interest rates
  • Lower deposits
  • Longer mortgage terms

Getting Your Police Mortgage with Harmony FS

Specialist lenders of police mortgages don’t always deal directly with clients. You might need to use a mortgage broker, like Harmony Financial Services, who has access to a wide range of lenders from all over the UK.

Our expert advisors can do the leg work for you, contacting different specialist lenders to find the right and best police mortgage deal for you.

Harmony Financial Services support you with:

  • Jargon-free advice
  • Flexible approach to communication
  • Access to specialist lenders
  • Support through the whole process

Contact us to get advice about your police mortgage.

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