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Mortgages with a County Court Judgement (CCJ)

Harmony FS could help you get a mortgage for your dream home even if: 

  • You have a current CCJ
  • You have previous county court judgements
  • You have a history of adverse credit

What we offer:

  • Personal, jargon-free advice that understands your situation
  • Access to the whole of the market to find you the right lender
  • Flexible contact and meeting times

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Can I get a mortgage with a CCJ?

Understanding how to get a mortgage with bad credit.

If you’re worried about the fact that having a CCJ could ruin your chances of ever having a mortgage, don’t worry. A CCJ impacts many things, including getting a mortgage with a mainstream lender, but there are many lenders who do take this into account when assessing you for a mortgage. Getting a mortgage with a CCJ is actually easier than you think, and the lender won’t outright reject you for simply having a CCJ. 

Lenders will look at a range of factors including: 

  • Your borrowing history on your credit report
  • The date of when your CCJ was registered, its amount, and whether it has been satisfied
  • Whether you’ve gone overdrawn recently or missed bill payments

What is a County Court Judgement?

A county court judgement is a court order issued within England, Wales and Northern Ireland when you have failed to respond to or pay a debt. It is quite a serious thing to be served with and can impact many aspects of your financial and day to day life. A CCJ means you will be registered on the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines. 

With a CCJ you will have agreed to a payment plan. Failing to stick to this payment plan can result in further consequences like taking your belongings or repossessing your home to settle the debt. A CCJ will stay on your credit file for 6 years. After that period it should be automatically removed. 

We Don’t Judge CCJs – We Want to Help

We understand that issues with adverse credit happen for many reasons. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to see if we can help you achieve a mortgage despite having a CCJ. 

Our approach involves getting to know your situation and our whole of market access means we can probably find you a willing lender.

Don’t let a CCJ or adverse credit stop you. We certainly won’t. 

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