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Buildings & Contents Insurance

For anyone who has a mortgage, their lender will typically insist on a suitable buildings insurance policy. This is to help protect the property if anything disastrous occurs such as flooding or a fire. What you select will depend on your individual property and the level of cover you need and want.

Buildings insurance offers a range of benefits such as no claims discount, legal aid, offering accommodation in the event the property becomes uninhabitable etc. Whatever you are after, we will be happy to advise you on a range of suitable products to fit your needs and budget.

Contents insurance

Where buildings insurance will cover the building itself, contents will ensure that you can replace the contents of your home. You don’t have to have contents insurance when buying a home, however it is highly recommended as it can help in events of burglary or fire damage.

Who is contents insurance for?

Contents insurance if for anyone who wishes to protect personal items in their home from furniture to collectables and everyday items like laptops and phones. Typically, the higher the value of items you wish to protect, the more your contents insurance will cost. It is good peace of mind to know that if you lost your home, you won’t be out of pocket to replace your essential items.

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