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If you are a junior doctor you might experience some difficulty in getting a mortgage in the UK. Some lenders can be hesitant to provide you a mortgage deal in part due to being newly qualified or starting out on a lower salary. But junior doctors can still get mortgages in the UK. You can get a junior doctor mortgage deal with a specialist lender and the support of a UK mortgage broker who specialises in junior doctor mortgages.

Our mortgage brokers at Harmony Financial Services can do just that. We are specialists in finding the best junior doctor mortgage deals wherever you are in the UK. We understand that lending criteria can be a challenge for you, so we will be with you every step of the way to get you onto the property ladder.

How To Get A Mortgage As A Junior Doctor

As a junior doctor, your career will eventually put you in a good financial position for any future mortgage you need. But while you’re still in training, newly qualified, or employed on a fixed term contract during your foundation years, you are likely to find yourself on a lower salary. This can cause some problems when trying to get a mortgage.

So as a junior doctor you may not be able to be accepted for a mortgage from main high street banks. Instead, you may need to find a specialist mortgage lender who can take your circumstances and career path into consideration.

Often these lenders will not deal with customers directly, so you will need to use a mortgage broker who liaises with the lender on your behalf. This will guarantee you access to a wider range of mortgage deals than you could find yourself.

Our Mortgages For Junior Doctors

Harmony Financial Services are specialist mortgage brokers who can contact and liaise with lenders for you. We are experienced are mortgage brokers that can help you to find and set up the best mortgage for you as a junior doctor.

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