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Mortgage Capacity Report

A mortgage capacity report is an important part of your mortgage application. There are four key types of reports which can indicate what your maximum borrowing mortgage value is. However, the calculation does not recommend a specific lender or mortgage package.

What is a Mortgage Capacity Report?

A mortgage capacity report is a document that predicts how much a person can borrow. It is based on a calculation involving current finances, income, expenditure, assets, credit score, and debts to predict how much they can afford to repay.

This can be done for an individual or a couple.

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At Harmony Financial Services, we offer reliable and accurate mortgage capacity reports that take all of your finances into consideration. Our reports are realistic so that you can make the right decisions on an affordable mortgage.

We will also offer follow-up advice to help you to choose the best mortgage package for you.

Our Mortgage Capacity Reports

Individual Mortgage Capacity Report – £299

For one person, the individual mortgage report calculates your maximum borrowing and affordable borrow based on your financial situation. It can help you understand if you can afford to take on a loan, and how much you can afford to borrow.

Joint Mortgage Capacity Report – £499

Your report can be based on your situation as an individual or combined as a couple. The outline of a joint mortgage capacity report is the same as the individual report, however it considers more than one person’s financial scenario. This typically results in a higher maximum borrowing mortgage.

No Mortgage Capacity Report – £199

For those whose finances or situations mean that they would otherwise be refused a mortgage, but need proof of this, a no mortgage capacity calculator can help. It is available at a discounted rate and can be used for bankruptcy, debt, or divorce proceedings.

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